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So I've tried working around this several times, but I've decided for now to just forego that dependency need for the sake of keeping the complex grouping.

The issue is that ->add_dependency() does not work when trying to validate TRUE from a field within a different complex.

So in short here is how my field workflow is flowing...

Layout Control
> Complex
> > Fields.

This way if a dev or myself calls or needs the container of that tab they can load all the relative fields concerning that tab in one call.

But I would like some tabs to only show based on a value from a different tab, which in this case would be a different complex group as well. But herein lies the issue, is dependency support will NOT go up a complex group, then down into another, which is what I think needs to happen for this to work, as to why it doesn't work?

Example, in the screenshot below, I ONLY want the Header, Body and Footer tabs to show IF, The Layout Tab option Custom Layout is selected. This won't work because that field is contained within the complex group layout and the fields of the other tabs are contained within their own complex groups.

(Hope that makes sense! Let me know. Thanks! APPRECIATE IT!)


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August 13, 2018 at 19:14

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