Jonas Ørting

Right now, when adding objects to a WP Object/WP Objects field, the ajax search results are sorted alphabetically. It would be great with a setting for it, so you could choose what to sort on and ascending/descending.

I use it on a site with ~10.000 posts, and usually what I want to add to my list is one of the newest (I use it to manually sort articles for the frontpage).
It would also be great if there was a setting to choose published/draft...

It's easy enough to change in the code (as long as I want the same eveywhere), but settings in the gui for each field would be a great improvement.

As an aside, I'm blown away by this plugin. It is simply awesome, and as soon as I've got money to spare, I'll get the PRO version.

October 21, 2018 at 00:37
Noahj Champion


If you are using PHP you tweak this, but just chipping in +1.

And to say The PRO version is AWESOME!!! :D
- The author I think has just been busy, but I can attest that it for sometime is really bug free. Some things could be added, so I've just been placing them here and on the Github @ HERE.

But I can say PRO is way worth it. It's way more evolved than Advanced Custom Fields, Faster, More Options and honestly, I think much more stable.

To be honest, I would like this to be the ideal Framework shipped with Wordpress so ALL devs could use it and all plugins and such could have a seemless same option editing experience across Wordpress. This would allow devs to all reach their needs, while keeping the backend of Wordpress very fast because one primary Framework is being used. And development of course would always be a priority then.

Hopefull Radoslav can respond back soon. He's arround. I spy on him to make sure. :D ;)

October 21, 2018 at 01:05

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