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Add fields to every location in WordPress, where you want to


The Customizer

Ultimate Fields now works with the Customizer!

Not only is Ultimate Fields Pro the first All-in-One plugin for custom fields, which lets you to add fields to the customizer, it even allows for multiple locations to be associated with the customizer.

Normally the customizer only works with options, but with Ultimate Fields you can also use the it to modify the data of posts, terms and users.

You can even add your existing fields to the customizer by toggling a single checkbox or calling a single method!

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Now you can add fields to all of your images, videos and standard files.

The fields will appear and be editable in all selection modes and feel like a part of WordPress itself.

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Do you need to add additional fields to your comments? Now you can.

The comment location allows you to only show fields when a comment has a certain status.

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Bring WordPress menus to the next level - add any field you want to your menu items.

An icon? Special colors? A whole custom sidebar within a sub-menu - you can add all of these with menus!

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Have you ever needed to add a small content element within your content, but did not want to deal with the Shortcode API?

Ultimate Fields Pro makes it a piece of cake!

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Add fields to categories, terms and any other custom taxonomy.

Show the fields based on a multitude of rules, add them to the REST API and even to the Customizer!

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The User location allows you to associate fields to users with any or a specific role.

There is, of course, support for the customizer, the REST API and administration columns.

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Add fields to any and all widgets, you desire to - just add the Widget location and watch the magic happen!

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More fields

Supercharge your forms with even more field types

Media Fields

Ultimate Fields Pro includes 5 additional media fields) extends the file field to allow you to directly work with images.
2. The Gallery field integrates smoothly with the WordPress media library and allows you to select and organise multiple images.
3. The Audio field accepts multiple audio files, which are to be used within the same audio player.
4. The Video field lets you select multiple video files for a single video. Once files have been selected, a poster can be added too!
6. The Embed field allows users to paste the URL of an item, which is embeddable and see a preview of what they should expect.

Date Fields

The date and time fields in Ultimate Fields Pro include)
2. The Time field
3. The Date-Time field

All of those fields use the jQuery UI date-picker and the built-in WordPress date format.

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Styling Fields

Ultimate Fields Pro brings some advanced styling fields, perfect for customisable and distributable themes.

The Color Field allows the selection of custom colors.

By using the Google Fonts API, the Font Field allows you to preview fonts and select the variations that you need. Enter an API key and let the plugin do the rest.

The Icon Field uses customizable icon-font sets (Dashicons and Font-Awesome out of the box) and allows your users to visually select and search for icons. You can even add your own, custom set if you need to.

The Map Field

The Map Field uses the Google Maps JavaScript API in order to display a map with an address search.

You can quickly find locations by typing, but you can also drag the pin around. In the end, the physical location will be saved, as well as any metadata, related to the search.

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The Sidebar Field

The Sidebar Field in Ultimate Fields Pro has two modes/ editable and non-editable. In normal mode, the field only allows the user to select a sidebar amongst the list of existing sidebars.

In editable mode users can also create their owns sidebars. The new sidebars are saved globally and registered automatically for use. Combine this with the Menu Item location and you already have a powerful mega-menu with support for widgets!

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The Layout Field

The Layout Field is a supercharged version of the Repeater Field, now supporting columns.

You can define various group(block) types and assign minimum widths and heights to them. The field will ensure that nothing is too big and allow extremely fluid interaction through a custom-written UI component.

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Front-end forms

Get your fields out of the boundaries of the admin

Ultimate Fields Pro comes with the necessary functionality for adding forms to your front-end.

Front-end forms in Ultimate Fields:

  • Automatically display all containers, associated with the current item.
  • Work with posts, terms, users, comments and options.
  • Include core fields for every item type (like title and content for posts).
  • Allow the creation of new items with customized parameters.

Furthermore, to start with front-end forms, you simply need to call uf_head() in the beginning of your template and uf_form() where you want the form to be displayed.
The rest is automatically handled by the plugin.

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Faster Support

Create a ticket and let us handle the rest

Get access to our ticketing system

By purchasing Ultimate Fields Pro you will receive a year of access to our ticketing system.

The ticketing system works similarly to the forums, but each ticket is only accessible to you and tickets are handled with the highest priority by our team.

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Ultimate Fields Pro with two licensing options.

With both of them you get the full functionality of both Ultimate Fields and Ultimate Fields Pro, which you just read about.

In order to purchase the plugin, you need to register and login first. This way you will have access to your license key and purchase details, as well as support tickets.


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