Ultimate Post Types is an extension of Ultimate Fields, which lets you create custom post types and custom taxonomies in the UI.

Once installed and activated, UPT will add two sub-menus to the "Ultimate Fields" section in the admin:

  • Post Types will allow you to create custom post types.
  • Taxonomies gives you the ability to create custom taxonomies.

Please read the docs for both of them in order to understand how to use those sections.

Import and Export

Post types and taxonomies can be exported as both JSON and PHP, just like containers in Ultimate Fields. This is done through the "Import / Export" screen of the Settings page.

Usage in PHP

You do not need Ultimate Post Types to create post types and taxonomies through PHP.

What Ultimate Post Types does is to create an administration interface, which prepares data for the register_post_type and register_taxonomy functions. If you are using PHP, you can refer to the Codex for both of these functions.

Furthermore: If you'd like to, you can export a post type or a taxonomy as PHP from the interface and you will not even need to run Ultimate Post Types for it to work, as standard WordPress functions will be used.

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